Thursday, July 25, 2019


Last night we attended the main show together. No classical music scheduled and we were in port until 9:39 pm.  The title was about Alaska.  Low and behold..
The classical musicians plus the regular musicians combined their talents to  accompany a beautiful film about the wildlife in the four different seasons.  Another great program enjoyed by everyone. 

This morning I woke at 6 am and enjoyed warmer weather in the harbor at the base of tall mountains in Skagway  for my six loops around the deck.   Soon we were off to breakfast in the dining room before walking off of the ship to discover the town.

At the end of the dock we found the city shuttle bus that took us throughout the town.  Only $5. each for all day.  At first we thought about visiting the cemetery and a 100 ft waterfall, but discovered it would be over a mile walk each way; too much for Jim.  So we stayed on the bus  until it arrived back in the area of the shops.  There  we walked in and out of the various stores.  Found my perfect soveriner of the trip; a  tiny bear for the curio cabinet.

Back to the bus for the ride back to the ship.   Up to Lido deck for four hands of hand and foot card game while enjoying the pool area. So nice, we don't keep score so everybody is a winner.  People stop and ask where did we get the cards?   Yes, we always bring our own.  Plus an extra two decks incase we find someone who would like to play with us.

Jim is enjoying a presentation  about the wildlife in Alaska,  while I'm sitting in the dark, away from people, typing away. 
Tomorrow we will all be on the ship as we enter Glacier National Park.  Hopefully we'll  see some glaciers calving.  And maybe some more whales.

Jim had fun yesterday,  he got a great photo of the lifesize whale statue breaching  and sent to our kids who thought it was real. Such a trickster!

So not sure if we will get wifi again before we reach Anchorage.   But we'll  have 10 days there.  Thanks so much for tuning in for our story.


Mary said...

Have so enjoyed your blogs about your trip you’ve had a great time and many beers reminds me of Bill and I when we went to Australia that time and took that trip so much fun and wow I got a lot of pictures from you today most of them while we were at the zoo so anyway I’ve got to go in there I really look at them all and make some sense of them so thanks so much for sending them hugs MARY

Leslie in Oregon said...

Is there much chance that the Northern Lights will dance above you, on a cloudless night, during your cruise?

Martha said...

So glad you found the blogs. Because the house is empty, I am not posting on facebook. I'll add photos to the blog when I get home. Doing everything on my cell phone. We are going home early. Jim has caught a cold and due to great weather we're done with our adventures early. Moved our flight up to tonight. Again.. so good to hear from you. Martha