Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 3 Butchart Gardens

Yesterday we took two buses and arrived at Butchart Gardens at 1 pm.  Because of waiting for the buses it was a 2 hour journey.  Crowded but due to our age and the generosity of the people we both had seats .
Every time we spoke to people who had visited Victoria they always said "be sure to visit Butchart Gardens" and now we know why.  It is truly breathtaking!  You walk up and down concrete paths from one amazing vista to another.  Our first view was the sunken gardens that eventually arrived at the view of the pond far below.  There you enjoyed a fountain  that could only be compared to the fountains at Bellegio in Las Vegas. 
We continued our visit by walking slowly back towards the Rose Garden building that houses a merry go round full of animals to ride,  including a garriffe.    Took a break for a late lunch before continuing towards two huge totum poles that were well over 20 feet tall.  Then we in the forest... which surrounds the whole park...   walking among Giganta Sequoia trees .
Amazing Japanese gardens, stately Italian gardens, rose gardens and more.  Many fountains and ponds. This property is still owned and run by the family who created it.
By  3 pm we had reached Jim's limit of walking and headed back to the entrance and our bus.  We could have stayed until 10 pm for the evening concert and visit many more areas but we knew when to quit. 
Back to the city by 4 pm, we enjoyed a light and early dinner before catching  our second bus home and a relaxing evening.  Today is a castle and two museums!  We had about two minutes of sprinkles today at the park but otherwise the weather has been perfect today.

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