Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Day 7.... Crusing The Inside Passage

Slept in until after 9 am.  Breakfast in the Lido Market before heading to Deck 3 and the walking path.  I pushed 1.5 miles and Jim did 1 lap... his heel is giving him trouble .  Three laps equal a mile.  We then went to the presentation of the various tours off ship that are available on three of the days.  We'd planned to just walk the towns but by the end of the program we'd enrolled in two of them.  From there to the gym.  Jim rode the bike and I used the elipticle machine.   While on the machine I saw 2 whales above water. Exciting, they even announced the sighting on the loudspeakers.
Time to eat again... this time on the Lido deck at the taco bar.  No window seats so we asked to sit with another couple,  and stayed for an hour before heading to the room to get ready  for the gala dinner tonight.  Dressy clothes were the order for the evening.   At four pm we headed back to the Lido deck with binoculars in hand to again watch for Whales.  Found window seats and were joined by a couple from New York.   Saw lots of forest and mountains, the shadow of a whale underwater but that was it.  Dinner was special... I had escargot  and rack of lamb and Jim so enjoyed his duck!   Always his favorite meal.  After dinner Jim went to the Lincoln Center Stage  for classical music and went to the theater for the musical performance.  It was so good Jim went with me to the 9:30 show.  We set the clocks back an hour tonight.  The weather has been beautiful sunshine.  I wore shorts and no jacket when walking this morning.  🤗

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