Sunday, July 28, 2019

Day 13. Arrival in Anchorage

We were up early and enjoyed breakfast in the dining room before departing the cruise ship in Seward.  There we boarded a bus for nearly three hours.  The driver kept up a running dialogue describing the history and stories about the route we traveled to Anchorage.   The reason that cruise ships do not take us to Anchorage  is that they don't want to deal with the tide fluctuations that vary up to 27 feet during the day.  We passed glaciers, villages that housed gold miners, and a long stretch along the river that the explorer Cook thought could be a northeast passage for a shortcut from China to  England.  But it didn't.
Arrived at the Anchorage  International Airport at 11 am and picked up our Chevy Impala auto. 
While we were near the airport we checked out our reservation for Tuesday to fly into Brooks Falls to see the bears catch salmon who are swimming up the rapids to spawn.  Hopefully both bears and fish will be performing when we arrive!
Then headed to our home for the next 10 nights in the Arctic Adventure Hostel in a private room.  Very reasonable and fun to "camp". 
Off to explore the city after putting our things in our room.  Anchorage has a population  of 300,000 and has a very modern downtown that we enjoyed this afternoon.  The lady at the tourist office was very excited about our plans and we walked out with volumes of materials to read. 
We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Applebees and headed home to relax and settle in.  Discovered we have access to laundry facilities at only $3.00 for wash/dry; so we have clean clothes again.  And reasonably good wifi.. 
Last night we had our first storm, it began in the afternoon and lasted most of the night.  So glad that  neither  of us suffer from seasickness!
Weather prediction is good for the rest of the week.


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