Sunday, July 28, 2019

Day 12 At Sea On Way to Seward

Today was the last day of our cruise.  Early tomorrow we pull into Seward and get on a bus for a three hour drive to Anchorage.  There we have rented a car for ten days of fun. And hotel reservations.

Today was  great... we expected breakfast at 7:15 as usual but it was 8 am to the surprise of many of us.  We didn't check the schedule.

We played a full game of cards while we waited for the special lunch with the captain.  Passengers who have been on more than one cruise on the Holland American cruise line are invited.  Those with more than one hundred days received recognition.  We have a ways to go for that.  But we enjoyed lunch with two couples, strangers .. but not for long.  One from Canada and the other  couple from Kansas. 
After lunch we spent an hour in the Lincoln Center Stage in a Q and A with the musicians and then they performed Schumann Masterworks.

Spent a couple of hours organizing the packing.  At 5 pm we are going to Mass and then dinner at 6 pm.  Tonight we are going to enjoy a performance by both of the comedians from earlier in the week.

We'll finish packing and hopefully get a good night's sleep.

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