Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Day 9 Juneau & Mendenhall Glacier

Up at 6 am , I was able to walk 2 miles on deck three before Jim woke at 7 am.  We enjoyed breakfast in the main dining room at the same table for 2 that we have each evening.   I had Belgium waffles and Jim enjoyed eggs benedict.    Then we walked around the port waiting for our tour bus to depart.   Some rain drops  but not many. 
Jim and I did go to the show at 9:30 pm last night and we really enjoyed the show.   I didn't give away any of the special moments so everything was new for Jim.
We had about half an hour bus ride through town.  Juneau is the state  Capitol  and is not accessible by land.   

The Glacier was  wonderful .  Jim enjoyed it from a distance and I walked a mile each way to get closer.   A the base of the falls but a short distance to the actual Glacier which is rapidly melting.  Walked back and then Jim and I went to the Museum together.   We're on the way back to the cruise ship  now. Wifi is EXCELLENT.   Except I shall cannot get day 6 to post.  It was a travel day so think I'm going to forget that one. 
Day is still young,  so stayed tuned.   We enjoyed lunch on board ship at the taco bar. Then headed back out for the Red Trolly Tour.  We only got off twice.  For an hour to tour the salmon fish hatchery.  And again to see the lifesize whale  statue.  Back on board just in time for dinner at 5 pm.
We depart at 9:30  tonight but are not leaving the ship again.  Gray skies and a few sprinkles but overall fabulous  weather.

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