Thursday, July 18, 2019


July 17th was a predicted rainy day so we slept late and combined breakfast and lunch for our first meal of the day at noon.  By mid-afternoon the weather had cleared so we ventured out to explore again.

Walked first to find St. Patrick's church for Saturday evening mass, and then to the local mom and pop grocery store and discovered it is a "gem" with just about anything we need and most importantly, they sell bus tickets.  Purchased 10 of them and crossed the street where we caught the #7 Downtown bus.  We rode to the end of the line , all the way through the downtown .  Beautiful city, both modern and traditional.   The bus became crowded when we were downtown but thinned again as we drove into the suburbs west of town.  One thing we noticed was that nearly all of the passengers called out a friendly  "thank you" to the driver as they departed through the back door. 
The people are helpful and easy to converse with.  And, everyone speaks English!  We had a 10 minute wait at the end of the line (the bus driver took a break) and then we headed back over the same route... all on one  bus ticket of $2.50.   Along the way we found the stop where we'll need to get off for our concert on Saturday afternoon.  Also where to transfer tomorrow for our trip to the Butchant Gardens.  Other passengers were happy to answer our questions about using the bus to get around.

Three hours later we got off the bus at our street and walked two short blocks home.   Dinner was the pizza and potato salad that we'd purchased yesterday.  A very enjoyable day.  We ended the evening with more "Good Wife" on TV.  They were so good we never played our game of cards.  And so ended another day in Canada.

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