Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Wednesday, March 28, 1992 Southwest France than back to Paris

We left La Caravelle Hotel at 9 am; couldn’t get any credit cards to work so we paid cash, 366f. Toll fees of 8.5f plus two gasoline stops for gas (157f & 53f). Got us back to airport by noon. On the way we got off at Carbonne and drove the town square then stopped to take pictures of the Chateau at St. Elix. Went into Tarbes for gas but that was all.

Arrived at the Tarbes Airport; returned the car and checked in for our flight back to Paris. We ate a quick lunch for 95f. I asked for cheese sandwich..Fromage on bread. I got a half loaf of french bread with two slices of cheese! The Pyrenees Mountains are visible all the way from St. Gardens on. Beautiful with snow on peaks. Note…houses are combinations of house, barn, garage all together. Many times even some of the newer ones in the countryside.

Back at Holiday Inn in Paris I washed my hair, redid the bandage, pin has been bleeding so used peroxide on it...the one that is starting to peek out through the skin. Jim is off for a walk in Rungee to pick up bread, quiche and wine for our dinner. We will be staying here at Holiday Inn until we go. We’re flying to Lyon tomorrow for the day and then either Marsille or Mulhouse on Friday. Each day coming back to this hotel in Paris. Jim would really like to city hop, but I said he could go alone. I’m not up to it!

Note: I received a delightful post on July 3rd from "Anonymous" and I want to share it with you my faithful readers. Yes...I hope to continue sharing with you for a long time. You made my day! Thank you.

AnonymousAnonymous said...

I so enjoy getting up in the mornings for my daily travel fix thru your blogsite. It seems to satisfy my yearning to do the same as you and your husband. Maybe someday I will get to experience, in real time, some of the places that you write about. Hope that you will continue sharing with us for a long time.

July 3, 2011 8:54 AM

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