Sunday, July 3, 2011


Monday, March 16th, 1992 Strasbourg, France

I thought it was 9 am the way the bells were ringing but it was only 8 am. Up by 8:30, made coffee and took it back to bed. We finally got going about 9:30. Jim had orange juice, we’d put it on the ledge to keep it cold overnight; plus bread which he’d picked up last evening on his walk. The sun is shining but it’s very cold. Walked the river to the Petit France area and found lots of history and very old buildings. This was after we went into the cathedral to take videos while sun was shinning.

We spent about an hour on the walking tour of Petit France. Then back to the cathedral for astrological clock show at 12:30. Arrived early at noon and paid 8f to get in (4f each). Talked with a group from Ohio; love meeting other Americans. They’ve been in Germany mostly, gave them one of our hotel maps which they really appreciated. Her brother is in the service and they’re staying with him on trip. She had a tiny micro cassette to do her diary on. She said it’s working great. After the show we went to a local fast foods on Gutenburg Square for a beer and quiche…actually 2 beer each…very good and only cost about 100f. Now I’m resting and Jim is off to the modern mussee. I’ve re shuffled the bags again to prepare for tomorrow’s trip. Now for a nap.

Jim returned and we went to two mussee. They were both closed when he went earlier. Both the modern (20f) and the Deux Arts housed in the Bishops Manor (24f). Then off to the square where we decided to eat at Flunch. Kind of a cafeteria. Jim had German food and I had French food. Plus a beer then we went walking to the newer part of town. Jim had found it earlier while I napped. There we went to a huge new shopping mall. Could have been the USA in fact many shops were American. Or they had American supplies for sale. Home for showers and a call to America!

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