Friday, July 8, 2011


Saturday, March 21st, 1992 Our last day in Paris

I slept in until about 8:30 am….only me…Jim was up by at least 7am. Did some repacking for the trip home. Discovered I needed underwear and Jim needed socks for trip home so we did two pieces of laundry. We dressed and by 10 am we were out the door to Orly for the bus to Paris.

Jim was hungry for eggs so we went to a restaurant for an omelet as soon as we arrived in Paris. Fortunate as it started to pour down rain while we were in the restaurant. The rain had nearly stopped when we caught the bus for Notre Dame. As we walked towards St. Chapelle the sun was out and Jim wanted to take new pictures of the windows. Suddenly we saw Steve Martin (the movie star) and his wife right in front of us. Jim recognized them. He left with the camera to try to get in front of them for pictures. They were fast walkers and he never managed to get in front of them.

He returned to me after four blocks and we proceeded to souvenir shop across from Notre Dame to purchase gifts for grandchildren (160f). Then off to St. Chapelle. I stopped at a café and had two cups of coffee and a berry tart while Jim did his pictures. Jim had a chocolate with me after he returned and then we caught the bus to Haussmann. Somewhere in here we walked for blocks to find a Century 21 office only to discover it was closed. This was before we saw Steve Martin. Since it was closed we left a card and took a picture. Also brought home an old key that we found on a ledge near the office.

At Haussmann we spent an hour at Printemps Department Store. Bought scarves for the girls and ties for the boys for a total of 550f. Then we found the restaurant with the stained glass ceiling and had a glass of wine. Afterwards we walked to the Grand Opera…took pictures and then caught the #21 bus to stop for Orly bus. Back to the airport.

We counted our francs and bought two boxes of candy for the offices, one bottle of wine and bread before we headed for the Holiday Inn. Ate soup and wine for dinner. Repacked and we’re ready for the trip home tomorrow!


Amanda Kendle said...

What did you think of Sainte Chapelle - for me it was one of the highlights of Paris, the stained glass was incredible. I love that you're blogging your old trips, I have been doing the same (mostly about my first trip abroad in 85, aged 9!). It's so much fun to look back on.

Anonymous said...

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