Thursday, July 7, 2011


Friday, March 20th, 1992 The day this became a trip to Europe and not just France

Up by 7:30 am and off to the airport for our 9am flight to Mulhouse on the boarder of Germany and Switzerland. One hour flight. Then 60f for 30 mile trip into town by bus. Finally got directions to the auto musse by bus at a cost of 6f each way. The musse was great except the Porsche collection had left last Wednesday for a special display in a German Musse.

Then we went to St. Michel cafeteria for lunch. 85f. Located the tourist officer who told us how to go to Basel in Switzerland by train. Quite an experience and this made it at trip TO EUROPE and not just France since we were in another country! It was 124f round trip for both of us. The train was beautiful. Didn’t find too much difference in the houses and people from France. Did have to use our passports.

We mostly walked around the city for two hours and ended up at McDonalds near the Gare for food. Saw several interesting displays of mechanical artwork. In all we spent all of the $20 in Swiss francs. Had to pay half a franc for the ladies toilet! Also Jim purchased two bike magazines in German, one of which has an article on Richard Cunningham…our ring bearer at our wedding ...(he was a student in my first grade class that I taught that year) who builds bikes now!

Back to Mulhouse by train and we were on the bus back to the airport by 7:15 PM. Had a 9 PM flight, which bought us, back to Paris and Holiday Inn. A late night and much too late to go into Paris for the evening.

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