Friday, July 29, 2011


Saturday, April 6, 1996 Rome, Italy

Barbara was up about 5:30 am, we got up about 7:30…Barbara is not feeling well but wants to go to the Sistine Chapel with us. We went down to breakfast in the hotel and then called a taxi. We went to Vatican City, paid the taxi driver and got into a line which was already around the block. But, it was moving fast up until we reached the entry to the building. Then we had to wait for a while. The number of people are unbelievable. The Sistine Chapel was beautiful. Jim could have stayed all day, but I had seen enough and Barbara was feeling quite sick by now. We got a cab and returned to the hotel. Barbara went directly to her room and soon discovered she had flu! Jim and I walked to the grocery store again for water and food for lunch.

Then about 2 pm we left on our tour of the ancient city. It was a very good tour and we returned about 7 pm. Saw the Coliseum, Church of St. Peter in Chains, and St. Paul’s. We drove by many of the ruins and had an Italian guide who spoke excellent English. I was surprised to learn that there is a pyramid in Rome from a ruler who had lived in Egypt. All during the tour the guide and the police kept reminding us to be careful due to the large number of pickpockets in the area of the Roman ruins. After we returned to the hotel we had a light supper in the hotel dining room. Took crackers up to Barbara. Will make it an early night as we need to get breakfast by 8 am and get to St. Peter’s for mass which starts at 10 am. Jim is starting to come down with a cold...says it's from having wet feet in Venice.

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