Monday, July 11, 2011


Tuesday, March 19, 1996

Left from LAX at about 10 AM. Our youngest daughter drove us to the airport and stayed to eat breakfast at the airport before she took the Explorer home. The plane was late leaving LAX and even later getting to Chicago. Everyone was flying on American Airlines. Fortunately Barbara, Jim's sister who is making the trip with us; flew out of John Wayne Airport and arrived about an hour earlier. She wouldn’t get on the airplane without Jim and Martha. Told the airlines that they had to hold the plane for Jim and Martha or put all three of us up for the night in Chicago as this was the last flight out for Frankfurt.

Since we were all on American Airlines it worked and she got them to hold the plane until we arrived. She had them check to make sure that we had boarded the plane in Los Angeles. We were the last to board the plane to Germany. Met a nice fellow from Pennsylvania who works in Frankfurt and goes back to USA several times a year. The flight to Chicago was about 4 hours and then it was another 9 hours to Germany. Arrived at 11 PM California time…total of 13 hours of flying time. But now everyone has to switch to German time which is nine hours later which makes it 8 am on Wednesday. March 20th.

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