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Thursday, March 19th, 1992 Lyon for the day

I set the alarm wrong (the clock is set on California time) and we woke up at 5:30 am instead of 6:30…but used the time to get an early start and find out where we leave from on Sunday. It’s Orly Sud (south). But was too early to confirm our flight so will call later. Jim also changed our plane tickets from Marseille to Mulhouse for Friday.

We took off for Lyon at 8:55 am. One hour flight. When we arrived we caught the bus for the twenty-two kilometer trip to the city. It was 40f each …we arrived at the inner city, found the tourist office and got a city map and directions. We made our way to St. John Baptist Church and arrived just in time for the astrological clock to do its special performance. Also noted this is the first cathedral that has totally removed the main altar. There is only a new altar in the center.

Then we proceeded to the Funicular (like Angel’s Flight in L.A.) for the trip up the hill to the Roman Ruins and the Basilica of Fourtier. The Roman Ruins were great. The sound carried very easily from the steps. We also went to the musse about it, relatively new but houses nearly all of the Roman artifacts. Cost was 40f. Well worth it even thought there were lots of children groups. Then back down the Funicular, which was 20f round trip. There we bought sweets for ourselves. Total spent on food for the day was about 85f (sweets and 2 quiches) plus Sundays from McDonalds. Then we purchased wine and water for tonight for 69f. After the Roman Musee we went to a dual Musee : house d├ęcor and fabric

They were really different and even Jim admitted he enjoined them such a bargain, 13f each for both of us so only 26f for us both to see two museums. Then we went shopping on the mall and found Jim’s souvenir tie, scarf and bow tie…79+79+45f. Then we walked about twenty minutes to find a store for more video film for 110f. Our feet hurt…..we headed back for the bus stop, it was 6 PM. Caught the bus and arrived at airport about 7:15 PM.

We thought our plane left at 8:55 but it was really7:55 PM. Had to rush to buy last postcard but finally were on the plane back to Orly. Back to the hotel at 9pm and called home. Having bread and wine for dinner, 1989, white Crozes-Hermitage “Domaine des entrefaux”.

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