Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sunday, March 15th, 1992 Strasbourg, France

The night was full of bells….quarter hour and hourly. They ring for about five minutes before and after each Mass. No cars on this street but noisy party goers until about midnight. Also changed the bandage on my arm. I have a slight infection. Woke up about 9 am to soft but very definite rain. Has not stopped all day. Dressed warmly with umbrellas and walked about town for about two hours. Stopped at a small shop for coffee and rolls. 35f.

There was a Japanese man about about 60 years of age from San Bernardino. He was trying to speak French and/or German to a lady with a small boy. He was trying to locate a cheaper hotel. We told him where a one star was located. He is traveling alone and has been in Germany for about a month. His wife is meeting him in Europe this summer. Seemed rather frustrated.

Then we strolled along the river watching the swans. Ended up at the cathedral and walked up to the top of the bell tower. The entry fee was 20f. Saw the mechanics that operate the bells. Met a very nice family from Virginia. The Parents are stationed in Germany and they were showing their adult children around. Stopped afterwards for a book about Strasbourg in English (45f) and a book of 10 postcards for 15f. Back to the hotel to read our books, had soup and chocolate for lunch. I took a nap and Jim went back to the streets. He has just returned and now knows where all the musees are and the astrological clock is located.

I got dressed after Jim dried off and we bundled up and went over to the cathedral musee. It’s housed in a building that was used by administration during construction of the church. Very impressive and also had some large pieces of furniture from early times. Hugh armores (for clothes), etc. Went into church to look at the astrological clock, etc. Need to go back at 12:30 to see it all work. Interesting kneelers..very short chairs with bamboo seats and otherwise like a kneeler. Walked to local McDonalds for dinner. About 70f.

Continued walking the streets for a while. It had stopped raining and we even saw the local fire department (silver hats) putting out a fire in an electrical sign on a store. Too bad we’d left the camera in the room,. Now I’m watching TV while my cast dries. We washed it to get rid of some of the smell. The cast is a "half cast" and it held on by elastic bandages. Because of the pins I'm allowed to take it off for short periods of time to wash and that helps. Jim has gone for maximum of two hours of night exploration. He has the map, flashlight and umbrella. I’m watching French TV. Looks like more rain tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy getting up in the mornings for my daily travel fix thru your blogsite. It seems to satisfy my yearning to do the same as you and your husband. Maybe someday I will get to experience, in real time, some of the places that you write about. Hope that you will continue sharing with us for a long time.