Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Victoria. Canada

Our long awaited trip to Alaska started today  with an airplane trip to Victoria Canada where we spend five nights before boarding our cruise ship on Sunday.  We had a jet from LAX to Seattle, and then a thurbo-prop airplane with an exciting and bouncy ride to Victoria.  It was reminiscent of a flight in 1992 from Paris to Rennes on our way to visit St. Michele for the first time.
We decided to take a taxi to our airbnb in Victoria, an effortless way to travel.  We are in the first story of a private home with our own separate entrance.   Nice family with 3 children, we can watch them play in the backyard and hear them above our heads.  Its okay...  we're getting a kick out of sounds.
We walked half a mile to the Save-On Grocery store. Bought some ready made hot food and enjoyed a light dinner before shopping for our breakfast meals and a frozen  pizza, wine and potato salad for dinner tomorrow. 
While we were at the airport we used the ATM for C$100. and used some for $5 for bus fare back to our apartment.  Missed the closest bus stop and got to do another walk before arriving home.  But we did find a little corner store only 3 blocks from our house.
  Figuring out the Firestick TV..   have discovered netflick and binge watching "the good wife".   About 10 pm we turned off the tv and enjoyed a game of hand and foot without worrying about scores.  Fun evening.  Our bed is a lovely queen size and we slept well. 


Mary said...

So happy to see you posting on your blog I have fun too when you’re traveling by sharing your blog with other people Magine they get tired of hearing about my wonderful twin sister in her travels but I enjoy talking about them and living a bit vicariously through you on different trips have a great day today

Leslie in Oregon said...

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! (Next time you come north, stop in Portland, our city.) I get such a kick out of reading your travel entries, because I love the way you choose to travel and the comments you make about the people you meet and the places you see. Vancouver and Victoria, as well as parts of Alaska, are familiar territory for me. Is this your first time visiting those cities and that state? Have a great trip!