Wednesday, July 11, 2018


My twin sister and I arrived in Paris France today together! We were scheduled to arrive on 2 different planes but her plane had problems and they switched her to my flight so we actually got to come to France together on a straight through flight on Air TahitiNut.  We were both on American airline Miles but had been scheduled on different flights. Mary's flight was scheduled to go to Chicago and then to CDG and I was going straight through from Los Angeles to CDG in Paris.   The big problem is Mary's Suitcase was alredy on the plane to Chicago and they didn't get it switch so she is  Still waiting for her suitcase to arrive. Her granddaughter who is scheduled to come from China has also been delayed because of the storms that they're having there. She is now scheduled to arrive on Saturday. We had a great day today ..
got out and did some walking on  familiar streets in the neighborhood and had a wonderful stroll up Rue Mouffetard reliving old memories.  Tomorrow we work on the missing suitcase .  It's great to be in Paris.

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