Monday, July 30, 2018


Day 17, I'm in Hornillos del Camino.  Small village at the beginning of the.Meseta.  claim to fame, Martin Scheen has a grandson who owns a Casa Rural in the  village.   I'm in a  beautiful albergue called El Alfar. Eating in house tonight...main coarse is paella.  Have showered, washed hair and clothes and said goodbye to my old and new friends as they continued down the trail. I was very happy leaving Burgos at 6 am and arriving here before 1 PM. 13 miles
Stopped for a good breakfast half way here and enjoyed the company of 3 Italians at my table.  Walked some with a south Korean lady who is completely covered including her face.  But she walks about my speed and we had some good conversations on the trail.  I was beginning to hurt when a Spanish family (2 brothers and their mother) started walking with me.  They  stayed with me for over an hour until we were within sight of my stopping village.  They took the photo ofme before they left... its of my back...
I look like a flying ghost with my jacket; but it keeps the hot sun off of the backs of my arms . 
I met a man who is carrying a French horn and.plays a short tune every ten minutes or so.  Another man is riding an electric unicycle. Always something new every day.  Jenn had a long walking day but is also settled in for the night several days ahead of me. Enjoyed mass in the cathedral in Burgos last night.
Buen Camino.

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