Sunday, July 22, 2018


It's day 9 and I'm sitting in the albergue  Santiago Apostol in Logrono. Jenn went off this morning an hour before me and she is where I'm going to be tomorrow. I will post you the elevation map to show you what I'm going to be doing in the next 2 days from after Lagrono.   It was an easy walk and I carried my backpack ... I left  7:00 a.m. in daylight walked 6 miles to the edge of Logrono to my albergue arriving within 3 hours.  Tomorrow is a bit longer but have decided to carry the backpack but did switch around some heavier things for lighter ones in the minnie suitcase I'm having transported each day.  I found a nearby church and made the 10:15 mass before checking in.  Nice albergue..
But I do have a snorer next to me...he took a nap when he arrived!  There is a group of 20 down syndrome teenagers staying here for a week... they are from Bilboa
.. nice to watch the staff and teachers work with them.  Not easy but wonderful.  Went walking in the city..  ice cream seems to be the big draw .. but am eating my bread left from yesterday with a glass of wine!  I picked up a fresh loaf for tomorrow for 55 euros. Food is relatively cheap.  I had trouble finding electrical outlets near the beds.  That, along with wifi is very important to pilgrims like me.  They are high on the wall with a box to lay your phone in while charging.  Always something new.
I checked out webcam and saw Jim watching TV.... probably Sunday Morning.. but since it was time for him to get ready for church... I did not bark the dogs.  My favorite way to get his attention when his cell phone volume is down.  We'll be talking later... we're learning to use what'sApp for phone calls over the internet.  Jenn and I are also using it to communicate.
I've signed up for the pilgrims dinner her in the albergue tonight.  Should be fun.  Already met a French girl that stayed with us last night.  And...Reka from Budapest just arrived!! 
Take care my friends...
Buen Camino

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