Thursday, July 26, 2018


Day 13 and I've arrived in Grannon.  Staying in the attic of a church tonight... sleeping on a mat.  Sun came out early and it got very hot early.  8+ miles in a little over 4 hours.  No wifi tonight except at bar.  I found my pilgrim friend from Budapest in Santo Domingo and when leaving Santo Domingo I found a rose that Jenn left for me on Tuesday morning.  Lovely day but mostly walked alone.  As I arrived in Grannon I found a field of sunflowers.  Jenn will arrive in Burgos today and begin her bike ride tomorrow. I won't be in Burgos for 3 more days.  Tomorrow is a very long stretch and plan to ride a bus for part of it.  Also only carried a day pack today..much better.  Buen Camino

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