Saturday, July 28, 2018


Day 15 and I'm in Ages, a very old village full of half timbered buildings and a very old church.  Allan from England is here and also Tova who I met through Reka from Budapest.  Very hot now but I walked the whole ten miles this morning without sun.  There was only one stop in San Juan and I took my shoes off and enjoyed an Americno coffee .. 3 euros... and met more friends.  Mother and daughter from Denmark but they return home from Burgos which is tomorrow.  Allan from England also goes home tomorrow.   Last night was okay, lights out at 10 and only giggles and whispering after 11 PM.  They took them away for activities in the afternoon which helped.  Woke at 5 and was on the road by 5:30 am in the dark.  But trail was well marked and people passed regularly.  Got one scare when dogs began to bark in the dark,  then I saw the owner's light in his tent telling them to stop barking.  Then I saw the two donkeys grazing nearby.  Passed several unusual things today but best was a love note from my daughter posted on the albergue bulletin board when I arrived.  She was here two nights ago.  She will be in Shangun tonight...half way to Santiago.  She's on a bicycle and is doing three day every day.  Tomorrow will be her last and then she'll be walking again.   She had a really tough day yesterday but today should be flat and easier.  My day isn't over until I hear from her.  Jim returned from visiting a friend in Mammoth yesterday and today is saying goodbye to a dear friend.  Buen Camino Foster, you will be missed by many. Condolences to Lorie and the family, I will remember him in my prayers today.

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Leslie in Oregon said...

I am joining you today (as a reader of your posts on this pilgrimage), and I hope to soon catch up with the posts from your 1st 14 days. Your amazing physical, emotional and spiritual energy and stamina are so inspiring. I will particularly be thinking of you tomorrow, as we bid adieu to our church's extraordinary pastor on a day of 100° heat in our formerly-temperate city. Take good care, Martha!