Saturday, July 21, 2018


Day Eight and we've arrived in Viana, a medieval town just east of Lograno. Today is the beginning of a five day    festival for the feast day of St James (Santiago) on Wednesday.  Everyone dressed in white clothes with red scarfs. Fireworks, dancing and lots of dancing and drinking.  Tomorrow at 2 PM they will run the bulls down the.main street to the bullring and have a bullfight with a matoridor.  But we will be long gone by then.  Weather was perfect for walking our 7 miles today.  Last night we had dinner with a couple from Scotland, Louise from Ireland and a gentleman from South Keora.  Today our albergue is full of people from France. 
Tomorrow I begin walking solo .. slower .. and Jenn speeds up to get to Santiago almost a month before me.  I'll miss her but know that she'll really enjoy walking her normal pace.  I heard from the very first people that I met on my first Camino today and I'm sitting on my bunk surrounded by Jenn above me, a German boy across the way and a Frenchman to my right all taking afternoon naps.  I'm wrapped in my pea green sleep sack to keep the flys off of my legs. They don't use window screens in Europe much.  They fly in and out at will.  My sleep sack and backpack are both borrowed from the  friend that I met at the end of my first camimo... sweet Debbie from Maine mailed me all her gear so that Jenn could use mine.  I met Debbie because we had the same unusual backpacks in the airport on our way to Paris in 2015.  Thanks Debbie
Buen Camino my friends

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