Friday, July 27, 2018


Day 14 and I've arrived in villafranca de monte de oca.  Had looked forward to this quiet oasis but they have filled half of the beds with teenagers.  Going to be a long day and night.  Last night was special.  I ate early as the communal dinner was not until after 8 PM. Three young men, Swedish, netherland and German...  who all spoke English sat with me while I ate.  Delightful conversation.  The group was so large that they moved the dinner outside.  I have a wonderful photo from my window.  Just after I took the photo they saw me and soon all were waving.  I joined them for the special sharing after 10 PM in the dark cburch... candlelight only... as everyone shared their reason for being on the Camino in their own language.  I was the only one to speak in English.  Then off to our floor mats for a well earned sleep. 
This morning, I walked 3 miles, then took a taxi for 10 miles and then walked the last eight miles...all a gradual uphill.  Lost the route when passing through a village for a couple of miles but stuck to the road as I knew it crossed over at some point.  Just as I reached the top and saw my destination...up walk Reka, my friend from Budapest that I keep meeting along the way.  Good day even though it was very hot walking even though I arrived by noon.  Jenn is riding her bike for the first time in many years and I'm anxiously awaiting news of her arrival in Fromista. Buen Camino

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