Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Day 11 .. I'm in Najera. Arrived just after 11 an but could not get into albergue until 1 PM.  I had company in the park across the street.  If you have to wait not a bad spot along a river.Jenn has also stopped for the day and we've been in touch.
Started walking at 6 am. Used earplugs last night and really slept well.  It was a lonely walk this morning.  Had a dozen or so pass during the day, including Joachim from Amsterdam.. dinner in Lograno.  Then in Najera I've seen French girl from Viana and Jesus that we met early on .. he had a leg injury and has had to slow down.  Today was 10.4 miles and took me five hours.  Expecting a thunder storm this afternoon so will get dinner early.  Buen Camino

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