Friday, July 13, 2018


It's just after 9 am on July 13th...I'm at terminal 3 at CDG airport north of Paris waiting for my 1:30 flight to Madrid.  Jenn left LAX Last night and is on her way via Gatwick in London.  Yesterday with Mary in Paris was great.  We walked to the corner boulinge for coffee and croissants before exploring the neighborhood more and visiting the neighborhood church to light a candle and say a rosary for the lost suitcase.  Mary found a Tabac shop that has the New York Times newspaper.  No TV in the apartment so this will keep her up on the news.  The streets are full of excitement for this weekend. Its Bastile Day and they MAY win the world cup in Soccer on Sunday!
Good news when we called the airport about the suitcase, its arrived in Paris and will be delivered later in the evening.  Down side is that Mary will stay home instead of joining me for a trip to Maison-Lafayette to visit my friends for dinner and also leave my suitcase for the after the Camino trip when I meet Jim back in Paris.   Went out via metro and train.  So enjoyed the evening with Maeliss and Nicolas and their 3 children. And did I mention. My Facebook stopped working yesterday and Nicolas helped me fix it! Long day.. to bed about midnight.  But,  Mary's suitcase arrived safely and Jenn and I , God willing , will both be in Madrid before midnight.  The La Defence building all lite with French colors tonight.   Buen Camino

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