Sunday, July 29, 2018


DAY 16 and I'm in Burgos.  15 miles in 8 hours.  Left at 6 am with a full moon and a fantastic sunrise.  My planned walking partner didn't come at 5:30 to tape her toes so at 6 I left.  Sad as it would have been a good day...but I needed to get moving as I'd been awake since 4 am. 
Long hill at first then a long.downhill.  we could see Burgos in the distance. I found another flower gift that Jenn left for me on the trail several days ago.  So much fun.  After walking.around the airport I chose the green route along the river.  beautiful but very long. A bicycle rider spent 5 minutes explaning the direction ..
all in Spanish.  Many people stopped me in the.park to encourage my progress.  Going to mass in the cathedral tonight.  Also..
In an all girl dorm tonight. Should be less snoring.
Jenn is done with the bike and will begin.walking 20 mile days.  Oh young again.  Buen Camino

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