Friday, January 17, 2014

Cernuschi Museum and Parc Monceau

Sunshine after two days of rain; all of Paris is out to enjoy the rays of sunshine!   We departed about half past eleven o'clock and our destinations in the eighth arrondissment.  Our first stop was at the art gallery where Maeliss' cousin works; not there today so we enjoyed the gallery and continued to our next site.  Mr. Jim is leading the way today and I'm just following along trying to keep up with his long footsteps.

The second stop was at a Galerie that makes replica's of famous paintings.   We'd found their name at the Museum Fournaise in Chatou; they'd made the replica of "The Luncheon of The Boating Party" for the museum.  Today we found out that it was done twenty-five some years ago.  Their work is beautiful and expensive.  

Continuing our walk we entered the Parc Monceau that is surrounded by very expensive homes.  With the sun out today the park was crowded with runners, walkers and those who were sitting with the faces raised to the sun.  I took lots of photos for you in the park.  Across the park we entered the Cernuschi Museum; Asian Art, mainly Chinese.  Again, a former mansion that the owner filled with his favorite art and then donated to the City of Paris.  Free except for the special exhibition. 

Back across the park that emptied out into the broad street of Avenue Hoche.  This is in a direct line with the Arc de Triomphe and you can see it even before you leave the park.  When we were nearly at the Arc de Triomphe we stopped for a visit at the Catholic Church where we renewed our wedding vows with our children in 2010, St. Josephs.   It has been the only Catholic Church that uses the English Language in Paris since before the great wars.  In recent years it was in need of restoration and a decision was made to tear down the church, put the new and very modern church on the ground floor and build an office building for income above.   A win win for everyone. 

We caught the Metro on the circle and headed towards an old favorite that we haven't seen yet on this trip:  Sainte Chapelle.   With the beautiful sunshine it was a perfect day to go for a visit to the chapel that has the huge stained glass windows that soar over your heads all the way to the ceilings.   We got off the Metro at Chatelet and walked across the Seine River at the Concierge, taking a few more "selfies" as we crossed the bridge.   The line to enter was one of the shortest I've ever seen.  You can stand for an hour or more during the summer, we were in and through security within fifteen minutes.  They are on the last piece of renovation that has been in progress since 2008 and should be finished this year.  A grand and glorious way to end our trip.

Leaving about half past three we had three choices:  1) walk back a bit and catch a Metro, 2) stop at the next bus stop for the bus or 3) walk ten minutes to the apartment.  We decided since it was such a beautiful day we'd walk along the Seine River and enjoy the view. 

We were nearly home when we started through the shortcut under the Institute of France building; they opened an exhibit a few days ago from the Beaux Arts School on Photography.   Jim decided to see if it was free; yes it was.  So we stopped in to see what they had and enjoyed our last museum for this trip.  We were home by four o'clock with time to have a snack and relax, make phone calls and send my blog before our friends arrive for dinner this evening.  The refrigerator and cupboards are bare except for some cereal for breakfast and a bottle of wine to share with our friends before we walk to the restaurant.

More than likely this will be my last blog except for a follow up after we arrive home on Sunday evening.  Tomorrow we check out of the apartment and go to a hotel very near to the airport.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow: 

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Mr. Jansen said...

Sad to have this installment of your travel blogs to be over. Happy to know we will see you shortly in the Bay Area.

Jay and Holly