Thursday, August 2, 2018


Day 20 and thanks to a 13 mile taxi ride I am safely in Villalcazar de Sirga.
I think waiting for the taxi was harder than walking as the entire dorm was up getting ready to walk  before  5 am.  We are in the midst of a record breaking heatwave in Europe.  But it supposedly peaked yesterday and each day should be a bit cooler.  Jenn started her walk at 4:30 this morning with another woman... to beat the heat. She has arrived already and tomorrow she climbs O'Cebreiro ... the last big mountain.
Must admit, when I arrived yesterday I was ready to quit...but after a shower and a long nap I had some soup for dinner and arranged for a taxi ..
All is right again.  Love hearing the multitude of languages in the room.  Tomorrow I will be up before dawn to walk the 5 miles to my next destination.  The next day  is 12 and that's about the  max I plan to do each day.  Looking forward to a light but  complete meal tonight!  See my photo that a friend took of me after dinner...note my pouch peeking out.  Only take it off for showers... has my passport and extra money and cards... the purse has rosary, Camara and pocket change.  It's usually well hidden under my shirt.  Note the photos of the wheelchair pilgrims.  There was a group of four that came by.  The church in this village goes back to 12th century...Knights Templer... there are tombs of nobles and royals here... but no kings or queens. 
Buen Camino

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