Friday, August 3, 2018


Its day 21...3 weeks.. and I'm in Carrion de los Condes
I thought it was a 5 mile walk  but was only a bit over 3! Good news is I arrived at sunrise but can't check in until noon. It's a convent so basic and no wifi so I'm drinking more coffee where I had breakfast when I arrived to use their wifi.  After breakfast I went into the church where they were having morning vespers.  Posting my first video of the service.  Nothing quite as pure as nuns singing their prayers.
Feeling great...looking forward to another early start tomorrow and a 12 mile walk.   This is another very old town that had over ten thousand citizens at one time and now are around two thousand.  Economy is farming and tourism... pilgrims especially as most all stop here as its wicked out there for many miles with no shade.  Jenn is over the top of O'Ceberio and probably nearing her stop for the day.  She began before 5 am.    Buen Camino

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