Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Day 19.... Boadilla del Camino
It was a tough day...had a fabulous dinner last night and about 5 am everything went south.  Have been living on water and bread today while walking 12 miles in extreme heat.  I think I've met my match.  Have been sleeping most of the time since I arrived. 
The first six miles was a very long uphill followed by a steep descent.  Then we went across the Mesata for another six miles in the heat of the day.  Planning to take a taxi tomorrow to my next albergue.  Jenn is doing well.. she had a mountain today and has another one coming up.... even bigger .. in a few more days.  We walked this afternoon and she looks great.  She has developed a cadre of friends that are working together on conquering these mountain.  Hard to believe she will be done and leaving on August 10th
Buen Camino

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