Saturday, August 11, 2018


Its day 29 and I'm in the village of Murias de Rechivaldo, just west of Astorga.  It was a 12 mile walk through the hills instead of along the road for most of the way.  The walk was about 6 hours including a short look around Astorga.  I spent a few hours there 3 years ago and toured the bishops house that is now a museum and designed by Gaudi at that time.
There are buildings designed by Gaudi in many major cities in Spain but his most famous ones are in Barcelona.  Met John The Scotland man who has very bad feet and walks about 1 mile an hour out in the middle of nowhere.  Then there was David who for 9 years has lived in the middle of nowhere and earns a living by donations for offering pilgrims free food, mostly fruit, and a shady place to stop and put your feet up for a spell. There are many such stops all along the camino.  Lemonaid stands, food, handmade trinkets. Etc
Last night was a delicious dinner cooked with homegrown ingredients and served in the courtyard.  About 8 PM we started hearing very large firecrackers ... the frequency increased as the night progressed.  We learned that is was a bachelor party and would last for many hours.. this Spain and their life happens at night mostly. 
I changed to an inside room, used earplugs and took a benedryl... slept like a baby. They said the last one was about 2 am.
I woke at 7 am, had breakfast and got a late start at 8 am.  Tomorrow is a long walk, heading into the mountains so plan to set my alarm for 5am.  Many do but I usually don't but I want to be on the road early.
Tonight is a community vegetarian dinner at 7:30 ... then off to bed.  Jenn is on an all day bus ride to Madrid, due to arrive at7:30 this evening then she goes to the airport to wait for her early morning flight to USA.  Buen Camino

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