Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Day 25 and I'm at the Municipal albergue de Mansilla de Las Mulas.
I had a wonderful evening at my hotel.  Enjoyed going to bed early and planned to be up to walk by the pale light of the silvery moon.
Woke at what I thought was 6 am.  Hurried to get ready before the daylight arrived..I was an hour late.
Almost out the door when I noticed the time on my phone as I was preparing to send jim a text that I was walking.  OOPS... it was12:30 am not 6 am.  Old eyes do not always see things correctly.   LOL. Set the phone alarm for 5:15 and went back to bed...got another 4 hours before the alarm rang. Quickly dressed and headed out into the dark.  As I was leaving town there were five dogs barking and daring me to pass to get to the trail.  I backed off. Looked at GPS and found another route along the highway.  Bad move as I hit one barrier after another forcing me to finally turn around, backtrack and find another way. I was within a distant view of my goal when I found the entire trail flooded.  It was give up or tread deep water. I turned around...walked into the sun and returned to my starting point.  They called Jacotrans who agreed to pick me up when they picked up my bags and take me to my destination. The good news is that I did get an eight mile walk this morning.
Tonight I'm back in a dorm room, only 12 beds in our room. Its market day here  and I enjoyed walking through after I arrived in my new town. And this town even has a store and a Bank!  Tomorrow I go to Leon...big city.
Jenn is doing great, she is right on target and has developed a "Camino family" of friends that she is traveling the same pace  with.  This means that she will walk into Santiago with others to Celebrate the  journey together. She will be home teaching school this time next week.  Me... I'll just keep moving along day by day.  Tomorrow is the end of the masetta.  Looking forward to cooler country but  more hills. Buen Camino

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