Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Day 33 and I'm in Cacabelos.  A quaint little village that has been here for hundreds of years on the way to our last big mountain ... O'Cebreiro ... not as tall but much steeper climb.  I plan to do the accent over two days and another going down the other side.
Last nights dinner was another fun evening.  There were three Italians and me.  One from Sicily, one from Milano and the third from Rome.  Italian flew around the table and then suddenly they would pause and give me the English version.   We got on the subject of the repairs on the cathedral in Santiago; they've now finished the outside and are beginning the inside.  Rumor has it that the botafumeiro may not be swinging at Mass soon.  They were very disappointed and then I remembered my UTube video that I posted three years ago.  Since I've only posted a couple of videos, it was very easy to find.  They seemed to have loved it and unfortunately they now know what they probably won't get to see.  But they were impressed that I've posted something on UTube and then they discovered my blog.
  Oh dear... will be a tough act to follow for parents at home in Italy.  But I do have fun with their enthusiam.
This morning I was ready to go at 6 am.. still dark.  I asked a young Spanish couple who walk holding hands and were just leaving from our albergue if I could walk with them to the edge of the city to the trail.  They agreed and slowed down and I picked up my usual pace.  They actually stayed with me for all two miles which took us to the trail and daylight.  By the time we separated there were large groups walking out from the city.  it was a good walk, 9.43 miles in just under 5 hours.  Light hills, lots of country roads and a portion through vineyards. It was 90 degrees yesterday late afternoon and more of same expected today.  But mornings are perfect for walking and I was finished by noon.
Must mention Gil from Brazil.  Now lives in Verona Italy.  We talked, music and life.
  I would say he's nearing.30.  Delightful young man.
    Buen Camino

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