Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Day 26 and I walked into Leon today.
A bit over 12 miles including some pretty good hills in 7 hours.  There were several detours that were surprises.  But when I arrived at the convent where I am staying I was greeted by my dinner companions from last night. Zack from Texas had already shared my history and the fact that I like a touch of Fireball to spice up sangria.  The nun looked at my birthdate on my passport and asked if it was correct!
It's been a fun day.  One of the volunteer workers who is from New Hampshire brought me a small glass of a tasty orange liquor as he said they didn't have any fireball.  We all had a good laugh.  Yes, the community dinner last night was great fun and I have many new friends.  And when  I went out later in the afternoon to see the cathedral, I found old friends Kevin and Linda who helped me get over many hills at the beginning of the meseta...  actually I originally had dinner with them while Jenn and I were still together.
Another beautiful mass tonight in the convent followed by individual hands on blessings from the priest.  Having a delicious dinner for 10 euros in a restaurant with linens!
The wifi is not too good tonight...hoping this posts okay.  I'm walking 13 miles tomorrow.  Feeling really good.  CORN CROP HAS BEEN FOUND! Jenn is okay...excited about being so close to santiago...
Buen camino

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