Thursday, August 16, 2018


Its day 32 and I went swimming...sitting... in the ice cold river flowing in the mountains in Trabadelo at Casa Susi.  Great after a 12 mile hike over 6.5 hours.  Beautiful sunshine day with brisk winds as we wind our way up the mountains heading for O'Cebreiro.  I will actually walk over the top on Saturday morning. This is a new albergue owned and operated by Susi from Australia.  Dinner will be a community style ... hopefully something we all like.  No bunk beds.. just 12 single beds.  I'm in the penthouse... separated by a short wall and 3 steps up because I reserved last March.  I feel very special.  I slept in this morning and didn't begin walking until 7 am... earplugs and a benedryl nightcap with sangria after a special dinner of pulpos. Octopus.  Met a Polish couple who crossed my forehead with a blessing, 2 Australian girls, a young girl from New York and a French family from Versailles.   Walked several times with a swedish man from Stockholm  who has injured his knees and is walking slowly.  He is staying at this Albergue also.  Enjoying meeting  new people every day.   And, greeting old friends as they walk past me.  I'm going down to the river now to take  a photo then will post for today. Almost forgot about the lady who invited me into her home and wanted to give me a huge bottle of water.  I thanked her and in broken Spanish explained I could not carry such a big bottle; so we filled my little bottle which was almost empty.  She didn't speak English and you know my Spanish limitations.. but it was a beautiful and very special moment for me.  Buen Camino

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