Monday, August 13, 2018


Its day 31 and I'm in a mountain village town named El Acebo... we overlook the large city of Ponferrada.  I'll bewalking there tomorrow.  I'm in a beautiful hotel that offers bunk rooms for pilgrims. Plus the pilgrim meal will be the same as the regular guest but at 12 euros for all 3 courses and wine.  We also have use of their facilities. 
Two of my recent pilgrim friends are here also. I stayed here in 2015. 
I had planned to sleep in this morning... didn't happen and I was on the trail at 6 am.  It was a mile further up to reach the top of the mountain and the Iron Cross.. Cruz de Ferro. The photo is difficult to see as it was still dark and their was a heavy layer of fog all morning.  Sad as the views  are phenomenal all along the seven mile trail.  And yes , like many of these iconic items we visit on the can actually drive right up to it.  I knew a third of the people who passed me this morning.  It was rare that more than 5 minutes passed between.  One fellow said, "you must be Martha?"  He was from Chicago.  I took a group photo for them before moving on.  We commiserated about the view we were missing and agreed the weather doesn't always cooperate to give you the expected views of God's creations.
Took advantage of the hotel and finally got a massage ..
Back should feel much better in the morning.
Jenn arrived home last night and Jim went with Kelly to pick her up at LAX. He said she looks great and is full of renewed energy and stories. She is back at work today.  By the way my south Korean bunk mate is here again.  I really enjoy her wonderful sense of humor.  Her job at home is makeup for movies and photographers.  Sounds like some great stories.  Also the 7 mile trail took me 5 hours..
The mountain is mostly shale and makes for difficult trails.  Especially down in elevation over a thousand feet mostly in the last two miles.
Buen Camino

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