Saturday, August 4, 2018


Day 22... we are in the middle of no where.  In a tiny village called Calzadilla de la Cueza.  This is one of the hardest portions of the camino to walk especially in July.  Last night Tove and I decided to share a vegetable paella for an early dinner before the guitar concert by university students in the church.  We also made plans to met at 6 am and take a taxi for the first 5 miles of the 15 mile track across the Masada..there are no rest areas. The concert was great and the mass was a full house. The convent was  overflowing with extra mattress everywhere.  After mass we all came forward for the pilgrims prayer and then the head nun and the priest laid hands on each of  us for a very personal blessing when they gave us a small paper star to remind us as we're walking in the dark to look at the stars and think about the reasons we are walking. The night was miserable as I continue to run between the backpacks in the dark to the bathroom. Both end were running.  Well at 6 I found I'd not been alone.  Tove immediately said she had also been sick and we agreed to share a taxi for the whole trip.  Both are better now and will be walking tomorrow. I'm being very careful what I eat and drink today.   Some will say too much info but it's part of the camino.  I was concerned about dehydration... but seem okay today.  Pilgrims are still arriving and its 90 degrees. Buen camino

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