Sunday, August 12, 2018


DAY 30 and I'm in a mountain village called Foncebaden .  The walk today was tough.  Left at 5:30 am in the dark.. no moon but the stars were brilliant in the black sky.  I knew it was going to be a tough climb.  Went from 2910 ft attitude to 4890 ft.  It took me nearly 8 hours to do a little over 13 miles.  But I did it.  Mountain trails and no taxi even if I wanted one!  See the photo of the map page.  I'm definitely into the mountain stage of the camino.  I will finish the last bit tomorrow as we go another short hike up to Cruz de Ferro ... the iron cross.. where one leaves a token.  That is the highest point of the Camino trail. 
I have a very small rock that my twin sister gave me to leave. The rock was brought home with us from Medjugorje from our pilgrimage in May.
One thing that has been fun has been all the photo request when they learn my age.  And new people already know my name from other pilgrims. Today a group of bicycle riders insisted that I pose with them on the trail.  We'd all just competed a very difficult section.  One of their group was 60 years old.  I can't imagine pushing a bicycle over some of these trails that I can hardly walk!  Some ride the roads but many walk and ride the trails with their bikes.
Last night was a community vegetarian dinner of a group of 20 pilgrims.  Lots of fun, met many new people and the south Korean girl was again in our group.  One fellow from Germany picked my mind once he found out I'd owned my own business.  He has a company that does tutoring for students .  Such delightful young people.  And there are older ones also but have only found one at the very beginning that is near my age.
I've discovered why I have a nagging pain in my left lower back on long days.   I've been tightening the hip belt at my waist. Lengthened my shoulder straps today and it made a difference. It's the little things. 
Jenn is flying home today. Last I heard she was all checked in at Gatwick for the final flight to LAX. 
FYI this afternoon I'm the keeper of the cell phones..  the charging plug is next to my bed and they are all very comfortable leaving them with me!
Buen Camino

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