Sunday, August 5, 2018


Day 23 and I'm in a town by the name of Sahagun.  Its claim to fame is that it is half way to Santiago de Compostela.  A certificate is available at the museum. But I got one last time.  This year my walk is more about making the trek than certificates.  I'll know if I've met my goals.  Based on that premise... taxis are okay if they make destinations possible... today I did 6 by taxi and walked 10 .. a total of 16 miles in 5 hours.  Tomorrow is only 13 total... if I get going in the dark I may  try to do it all.  Waiting for the taxi makes me leave after the sun is up. Saw an American priest walking do I know?  Black shirt and carrying a rosary in one hand.  Also he only talked to men. LOL

He was in a hurry as he wanted to make mass in Sahagun... don't think he did as I stopped at every church ... open, but no Mass.
I'm across the street from a huge Benedictine Convent... stayed there last time..  and there is a sign on the door that there is a Mass every evening at 6:30 so I will make my Sunday Mass. 
Good day, walked with a young Italian boy who was singing as he walked.  Group of five from Benging.  One woman spoke excellent English and remembered meeting me two days ago. We talked for a long time while we all ate lunch .  They were off to walk another 13 miles.
Life is good.  Across the street are the ruins of a huge church originally build around the year 1000.  At one time this was the most important Benedictine monastery in Spain.  Life is good .. stay cool.. the world is hot everywhere.. buen Camino

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