Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dinner in Paris with friends

I'm awake early and couldn't resist posting the photos from our delightful dinner last night with Nicolas and Maeliss, our friends who live in Paris.

They arrived at our apartment at half past seven o'clock and we enjoyed a glass of wine before walking to the La Jacobine Restaurant.  The place was full, so glad we made our reservations several days ahead.   And, thankful that God provided us good weather for the whole day! 

They were delighted when they saw the restaurant as they had a lunch here before and had fond memories of good food.  Jim had his canard one more time along with foi-gras; he was a happy camper.  As we were leaving they showed us the restaurant next door that goes back to the revolutionary times and was frequented by Robespierre and Benjamin Franklin!  It was opened in 1686. 

A fun evening that ended as we put them on the Metro for their trip home to Maisons-Laffitte, a small town about fifteen minutes outside of Paris.  We were snug in our apartment before eleven o'clock.

A side's Friday night in Paris and our neighbors upstairs had a party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.   But we took sleeping pills and had a decent night's sleep in spite of the fun upstairs.  Now to pack and move out to the airport area.  No rain is predicted for today!!  We're going to walk the ten minutes to the RER this afternoon pulling our luggage!  

Here are all the photos in a slideshow: 


Cliqueout said...

Martha, i ws going through the various blogs and somehow i smiled at yours :)
Its calm, old-fashioned with non of those colors and flashes and fancy stuff... Smiling :) and thanks for that too.

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