Saturday, October 17, 2015


Today was drizzly off and on but we left the apartment and took the Metro to St. Michels and walked to Luxembourg park. Full of Saturday morning joggers, Tai Chi exercisers, beautiful flower beds and small boys sailing their sailboats in the fountains.

We walked over to the chess tables but no games in progress.  Too early in the day or just too cold.  But a great day for a visit to this beautiful oasis in Paris.

Back to the apartment for lunch and then by 2 pm we were at the Fondation Louie Vuitton musee that we'd visited earlier in the week.  This time we went inside.  Very modern art but the building was why we were there and we really enjoyed it.  An added plus was a great view of the eiffel tower. This is the first time during my many visits to Paris that I have not gone up the tower.  Sorry to break my tradition but just wasn't on the list this trip.

By 3:30 pm we were on the train heading out of the city to the suburbs to visit our friends Nicolas and Maeliss and their children.  A wonderful time except we missed seeing Lionel who is away for the weekend.  This was the first time we met the youngest Lisenn; and Nine is fast becoming a young lady. Today Jim went with Nicolas to pick her up from her pony lessons.  It's always an adventure to visit them. 

Home before eight o'clock and tucked in early as we've  a busy day tomorrow, our last full day in Paris on this trip. 

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Leslie in Oregon said...

The Luxembourg Gardens, Fondation Louis Vuitton, a visit with a family of friends...sounds like a full and wonderful, if sometimes drizzly, Saturday in and around Paris. Again, I"m inspired by your energy and hope to use that inspiration in and around Paris soon. (Not only do I love Paris, but we have a close connection, through our son, with a French family.)

Today, finally, is a cloudy day in Portland, although we haven't yet seen the predicted drizzle (we need rain). I imagine that your home area will be less parched when you return, if the soil has been able to retain any of the rain with which Southern California has been deluged.