Saturday, October 3, 2015


No rain today which was good but due to come in about 3:30 am per the wifi so we will probably walk our longest day in the rain tomorrow. 

Today was 7.64 miles of some steep up and down.  Mostly beautiful country roads and trails for over four hours.   I enjoyed watching people pass Jim as he listens to his classical music as he walks.  Mostly Beethoven, without using ear buds so I can also hear the music.  Some slow to listen, some smile as they pass and others ignore him and walk past.

We had many cornfields and beautiful flowers.  At one point a herd of cows on their way to pasture passed us. 

Link to Picsas Web Album: 

We arrived early and had some lunch while we waited for the albergue to open where we had reserved a private room. private I checked out the other much newer one and we are checked into the albergue Los Caminantes a beautiful new facility.  Jim has a lower bunk in the corner and he's already had his shower.   Laundry is in the machine and I'm happy to see him experience the albergue life as it has been a very positive part of my camino.

Soon we'll walk over to the bar for some dinner...hopefully the kitchen will be open.  It will be an interesting night.  There are twenty eight people in our room.  Buen camino


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