Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today we walked six miles in Paris visiting several sites.  First we caught the metro to the west...almost to La Defense ..and walked into the Bois de Boulogne Park to see the Fondation Louis Vuitton musee designed by Frank Gehry.  It's been called many things but it truly looks like a chrysalis; what is left after a caterpliers becomes a butterfly.   Anxious to go back and see the inside later this week.  It was closed today...mardi...which we were thinking was Monday.  No, Monday is Lundi. 

Back on the Metro to the Arc de Tromiphe stop and then walked down the Avenue Champs Elysees to Roosevelt where we got back on and rode to the St. Paul stop in the Marais to visit the Musee Carnavalet recently renovated.  Beautifully restored it is the history of Paris and had always been free.

Walked through the Marais enjoying the ancient buildings, crossed the Seine River and strolled down the Ile St Louis pass the very first hotels that we stayed in for the first several times we visited Paris.  Then across the bridge onto the Ile Cite and ate our late lunch in the park behind the Norte Dame Cathedrale.  

Inspected the massive amounts of padlocks on a bridge as we passed a freezing bride and groom posing for wedding photos and then inspected the items for sale in the green boxes; primarily books, old posters and trinkets.

Back across the river at the front of the cathedrale and finally back to the Metro and home to the 18th arrondisement.  It's so good to be exploring Paris again .

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Leslie in Oregon said...

And it's good to be reading about your explorations of Paris again! Even though I've lived in that glorious city, I have barely scratched the surface of what is to be savored there. And it's so much fun to visit it through you! Thank you for the FB action; I"m off to see your photographs there and on Instagram. Enjoy autumn in Paris, Leslie