Sunday, October 4, 2015


A wet and windy walk today of nine miles for five hours.  We walked fast as very few photo stops and only one stop to take off the backpacks and have some hot chocolate.   The place was packed with pilgrims trying to get out of the rain.

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Jim played his music for a while but ended up wrapping his phone in a plastic bag inside his pocket so that ended the music.  Some have asked what he is listening to for his music.  Our son in law Tushar downloaded a selection into his iPhone  for him before he left home.  Makes the walking easier for him.

We had one huge puddle that covered the trail and when we crossed it we were ankle deep...there went the dry shoes.  From that point on we just splashed merrily along the trail.

Finally we found Salceda and our albergue which is really more of a hotel and restaurant.  The Albergue Turistico Salceda, a few minutes walk off of the trail.  Jim found it on
A lovely hotel that is self contained and reasonably priced. 

After hot showers we enjoyed a lunch of grande beer, potato chips, bread and a hot vegetable soup.  All the wet clothes are being washed and dried for us and the shoes are drying by the fire.  Diner tonight at 7 pm. 

And then tomorrow We're expecting more rain all day and lightening starting at noon.  We should be at our hotel by then.  We only have about five miles tomorrow.  Buen camino.



Anonymous said...

In 2013 (July 9 - Aug 27) I walked el Camino to celebrate my 75 birthday. I have really enjoyed following your blog and reminiscing about my journey. Unlike you and Jim, I did not have one day of rain. What a blessing. You're almost there. Congratulations. I hope all your expectations are being met. Peace be with you. Karleen

Leslie in Oregon said...

I'm glad you were prepared for the rain and hope that the rest of your days on the Camino are mostly sunny. Best wishes, Leslie