Friday, October 2, 2015


Last night was very quiet, we were the only guest in a beautiful albergue located a mile from the camino trail.  They will pick you up at the trail but we walked in.  They have room for about thirty but it's nearing the end of their season.  For 58 euros we had a private room, beer in the afternoon and a lovely dinner plus light breakfast this morning. 

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This morning we left about 9:30 am and walked a different road back to the trail; shorter than yesterday and brought us to a point further than when we left it.  Much like walking an odd shaped triangle.

Along the route today we saw cows lying down in the pasture, a baby colt with the mother, beautiful wild flowers, a dog riding in a buggy behind a pilgrim on a bicycle....who stopped and took a photo of us.  He asked if he could do it for us and another lady also took a photo for us.  Angel day on the camino.

When we entered the town of Melide the markers were in the low 50's...I wanted to find 50 km and Jim said okay.  Walked the trail all the way through town and down a steep hill before I gave up.  Jim was ready to find the hotel.  Back up the hill, Jim had waited at the top for me, we stopped at the 50.5 km marker where the bicycle rider took our photo.

Soon we were back into town and found our hotel that we'd found on   It's a bar...oops...but then they took us a block away where we have a lovely quiet room and bath.

Settled in we walked the three blocks to the main street and enjoyed a large lunch.    We're going back for tapas at 7 pm tonight.  Going to have calamari which the town of Melide is famous for.  Also walked to the large church for a visit before stopping at the supermarket...the first we've seen in days, for snacks for the next few days.

The weather prediction is for rain for the upcoming week.  A week from today we'll be enjoying a wonderful day in Finisterre which is on the Atlantic Ocean.  After arriving in Santiago on Thursday we'll be taking a bus to Finisterre and then spend two nights in Santiago afterwards before we leave.  Buen camino


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