Monday, October 5, 2015


A day full of rain as we walked but still some sunshine in the late afternoon.  Must mention two things from last night.  There were two women from Canada who had selected easy wash and dry long sleeve tee shirts with hoods and had a print shop complete the job.  I posted photos on facebook.   The front was a photo and info on the trip. On the back they had printed "Everyone comes to the CAMINO with baggage, the beauty of the Camino is that it let's you sort out and find out what is important and what is not!"

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Secondly we had first class meals last night for 10 euros each.  Jim had soup and fish including clams in the shell and hake. I had a large salad and chicken all beautifully presented on the plates.  We had water and wine plus bread and ice cream for dessert.  A very special pilgrims meal on a cold rainy night.  The hotel lost power during the night but still managed to have a beautiful breakfast for us this morning. 

Left the hotel at 9 am in pouring rain.  Not as much wind as yesterday but we did get some thunder and lightening about 11 am.  Our day today was a short six miles and we did it in three hours.  Not many photo stops and only one very short rest stop for a stamp on our Camimo Credential book...We're required to have a minimum of two per day from Sarria on.  Jim has been getting more on some days but I will fill my book with the last two on Wednesday.  We arrive on Thursday morning.

The last two miles was on a steep decline and the trails were full of running water.  At one point we were in the brush and trees and had to jump down a three foot enbankment.  Jim went first and then kept me from falling as I half slid down to the deep puddles on the trail.  But we made it and soon were back with the large group of tour group pilgrims who'd walked the road instead of the forest trail.  More dangerous but less streams than were on the paths.

We found the 25 km monument and a lady from San Francisco took our photo.  So glad my cell phone has a complete case on it as I'm able to use it in the rain.  But I still keep it in a plastic bag in my purse...everything's in zip lock bags inside the purse... including the purse in a big gallon bag!

Arrived at the Pension Platas in O'Pedrouze at noon and decided to play Chinese laundry in the room.  We watch the pilgrims walking by from our window.  Many will walk all the way into Santiago today, but we will take three more days and walk in on Thursday.  It's another fifteen miles from here.  We're taking it a about five miles each day for the remainder.  We are savoring every minute.  Buen Camino.


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