Friday, October 16, 2015


We went out exploring some new places in the city of Paris today even though it was a dismal rainy day.  Our last stop was near the Hotel de Ville (city hall) where they were passing out bags of fresh fruits and vegetables to anyone willing to stand in line.  Not sure what it was all about as we didn't stop.

We'd taken the Metro to that stop because it was a block from the small park surrounding the Tour Saint Jacques.  The tower is all that remains of the church that was on the original Camino route through Paris.  Yes, people do walk through the city of Paris on their camino.

Jim was sure there was no office at the tower but humored my quest and we visited.  Soon I discovered the tiny kiosk tucked up against the fence and sure enough the clerk smiled and said yes when he inquired about a stamp for his Camino credential book after stating that he was a pilgrim and had just completed his camino.  Not sure who was more excited, Jim or the clerk!  He spent about ten minutes with us explaining everything and gave Jim the last brochure he had  in English before walking us over to the gate that has a shell mark and then carefully explaining to Jim about the statue of Saint Jacques on the top of the tower and the animals on the other corners that represent the apostles that wrote the gospels.   These statues were installed in the 19th century when they erected a new tower to replace the old tower that was falling apart.  This truly was the end of our Camino.  Jim's book is now full.

Our other two adventures today took us to the 19th and the 12th arrondisements.  Today we walked nearly four miles and most of it was inside of the metro tunnels as we traveled from one to another site.

Our first site in the Buttes section of the city's 19th arrondisement  was the very new 280 million euro concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel in the Parc la Villette, the Philharmonie De Paris. It is currently hosting an exhibit by Marc Chagall.  Nearby was the National Conservatorie of Dance and Music , an older concert hall and an even older theater.  Surprisingly, in the center of all of this was a very new and large building called La Grande Halle.  Appeared to be a shopping mall or distribution point.  We couldn't get in so have no idea what is was.

Back to the Metro and  with several metro  changes arrived at the 12th arrondisements.   At Bercy we found another building by Frank Gehry in a park.  It is the Bercy La Cinematheque Francaise .  Older but you could see his design.  They are currently exhibiting old films by Martin Scorsese.   Nearby is a very new Bercy Arena that had outside walls with grass on them...they were slanted but one still wonders how they trim the grass.  The Parc has some unusual designs and water features and was  full of golden colored trees. 

From here to went back to the Metro to find Saint Jacques Tower before returning home for a late lunch when we discovered that Jim has lost one of his hearing aids.  It's the ear that doesn't work so he never realized it was gone. 
But he did enjoy his doggy bag from last night's dinner before taking a well earned nap. 

Not sure how but we keep finding new things to visit each time we visit Paris.  Keeps us young!  Still wet out so we're in for the night.  Bonne nuit

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Leslie in Oregon said...

Paris will always provide new adventures for you two. Have you read "Paris to the Past," by Ina Caro? My notes on new (to me) places to explore in and around Paris, taken while reading that book, are voluminous. I'm sorry that Jim is missing one hearing aid. Do you find that you have to replace his hearing aids very often? My husband is in the process of getting his first hearing aids, and we have high hopes that they will re-open auditory worlds for him. Enjoying a golden autumn, Leslie