Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hello my friends and family that have checked in to see if I've made it home.  Yes, after a week in Paris and another week in Florida (visiting family and friends) I'm home and slowly putting life back into gear.   I you read my blog on Trail Journals, you will find this a duplicate.  It's a busy time and I wanted to touch basis with everyone so have used the same on both.  Thanks again for following my journey and until next time...Buen Camino

Am I glad that I walked the Camino?  YES, and would I do it again, YES.  It was a unique experience and brought me so much more that I ever expected.  At the ripe age of seventy-seven in December, many thought I was too old to take this journey by myself.  But, there were many more older than myself who were slowly making their way across Northern Spain in quest of a variety of solutions to problems and or just learning new things about themselves and others.

I had many Camino angels that helped me along the way.  Some just stopped on the trail to inquire if I was okay and others took time to spend a day or several days walking at my slower pace.  I was fortunate to be a Camino angel to others occasionally but was generally on the receiving end most of the time.

My longest day was 17 miles and one other at 16 miles but for the most part I walked from five to ten miles a day.  Time was my friend and I took fifty six days to walk from St. Jean PdP to Santiago.  Took the bus to Finisterre at the end of the journey.   I stayed in albergues for the most part and that is where I met the most people and enjoyed their company.  There were a few that I was fortunate to meet over and over at various times during my journey.

I had my backpack transported for nineteen days during the journey and these days allowed me to gain in strength and finally to carry it on my back for the last thirty-seven days with no problems.  I had carried it for the first eight days prior to starting the transport.  And, I didn't get rid of anything...yes I did have things I didn't need but didn't want to leave them behind.

Cost was probably about thirty Euros a day; I haven't sat down yet to produce a good figure but the bed was five to ten euros a night, dinner was ten euros and I usually ate one other meal a day.  The transport ranged from 5 to 7 euros each day.

Again....if you're considering will meet many new friends on the Camino, feel better about yourself; and have a better understand of your life and future when you finish. 


Emmabee said...

Sure going to miss my nightly readings of your posts.

Leslie in Oregon said...

Wow...77 for you is a world away from what 77 was for my grandparents!! You are an inspiration to me as I meander toward 77 (I'm 68). I enjoyed every one of your posts from your pilgrimage and look forward to re-reading them. What an accomplishment!! Has the time in Paris and Florida been a helpful bridge back to your "normal" life in California? Congratulations again, Leslie