Saturday, October 10, 2015


We're back in Santiago de Compostela.  We caught the 9:45 am bus right after breakfast and arrived at 11:15 am.  It was the express bus.   There were a dozen people who showed up  but couldn't get on the bus as it was full.  The rain began just as we were loading and continued off and on all day, never heavy and easy to get around between the showers.

We dropped our bags at the hotel and hurried over to the cathedral for the noon pilgrims mass.  I immediately notice two things:  1) the Botafumeiro was on the rope and 2) there was a reserved section which was more than likely for the tour group who was paying the 300 or 400 euro expense for it to swing.  (Not sure...have heard both figures.)

No seats so we found a stone step and then moved to a wood bench that was suddenly empty.  Then I asked a guard if there were any empty seats anywhere... showing our pilgrim credentials.  He took us through the ropes and indicated we could sit on the base of a large pillar that was about ten feet from the altar!

Wow...hard and cold seats but perfect for filming the swinging incense burner  known as the Botafumeiro.  We used our folded up ponchos to sit on and enjoyed the high mass with ten priests.

After communion...I was first in line and actually received a large pie shaped host that was part of the consecration .  Soon the robed men came to release the ropes that were tied right next to Jim and we finally knew for sure that it was going to swing.  The video I posted on Facebook and on YouTube are clip with no telescopic lens used...I was right there with tears streaming as the emotional impact hit all at once. 

We have a lovely 3 star hotel about two minutes walk from the cathedral.  Wifi is not too good because of the three foot thick walls but the Carris Casa da Troya Is a wonderful hotel for two nights.

Just after communion. I spotted a pilgrim from Chili that we met in O'Pedrouzo last Monday and he came over for a hug after mass and took a photo of us together. 

We spent the rest of the day around the cathedral and visited the tomb of St James and also walked behind the altar to touch the statute of St. James and say a prayer of thanks for the safe journey we enjoyed for the past several months. 

Dinner was around the corner and we enjoyed sangria and piayia and their much stronger wifi to put the video on youtube. 

The Web address for the video on youtube if you didn't see it on facebook is here for you:

Copy and paste...and enjoy....

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Leslie in Oregon said...

Thank you for sharing this story of the High Mass. I would love to take a look at the video of part of tat Mass at the link you posted above, but YouTube says it is "unavailable." I also cannot view any of your Facebook pilgrimage photographs because I am not "connected with" you on Facebook. I have sent you a Facebook message asking you to "friend" me (or whatever else one may have to do to become FB connected), and it is in your "Other" FB message file. I will appreciate you doing that whenever you can.

Your faithful reader, Leslie