Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Enjoyed a big breakfast of bacon and eggs before starting out this morning.  Raining when we finally left but a fairly gentle rain that continued off and on all day.  So gentle my socks stayed dry inside of my sandals.  They are almost a tennis shoe but very open.  The heavy downpour the past two days immediately soaked my feet prior to pouring in over the tops at we stepped through ankle deep muddy puddles on the trails. 

Link to Picasa Web Album:  https://picasaweb.google.com/117895434014273629374/DayFiftyFourOnTheCamino106?authuser=0&feat=directlink 

Our day had some very steep climbs as we went up and down the hills.  But the trail for the most part was a country road partially dirt and very old crumbling asphalt that kept the huge puddles to a minumum.  A shade over seven miles in just under four hours. 

Along the way we stopped once for a stamp in our book and a shorter one for Jim to construct a cross from twigs to add to the fence that surrounds the Santiago Airport.   Adding crosses to fences along the Camino is a very common way of praying.  I had not realize that Jim had not seen this before.

I played tag with my Shadow all day as the sun peeked out for not quite long enough to get a photo.  I finally got tired of trying to catch her so finally gave up the chase.  Jim kept taking his rain poncho off and on but other than the hat I kept mine on. 

While I was waiting for facebook to upload today's photo....very slow wifi here...I met a lovely young lady from California.   She had to go further as the Casa is full, and she had a bad knee.  I was able to give her my knee brace and a card.  I told her if she'd contact me before the 12th, maybe we could arrange to share a taxi to the airport depending on our flights.   She flies home that day and we go to Paris.  Never know...may work out.

Our "apartment" here at the Casa De Amancio has a mini kitchen but we've no food to cook.  We could hike two km back to town to the store...but me thinks we'll wait for dinner at eight o'clock.  Sounds good to me.  Buen camino


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Leslie in Oregon said...

You are so close!! And how smart of you to carry "calling" cards! Buon Camino, Leslie